Keep the festivities going all winter

Going out is fun, but so is staying in! Make the most of your New Year at home, by pushing together two sofas, creating a comfy spot for sitting together, chatting, and celebrating the festive season. Here’s how you can make all your winter evenings feel just as cosy, with just a few easy additions and a little extra light.

Take a seat for family fun this festive period

Lights, camera... action! It's the impromptu moments that really make the festive period memorable - and especially when the little ones in the family join the fun. Here are a few ideas for when you find yourself needing just a bit more seat space for family activities this Christmas.

Let it dough, let it dough, let it dough!

Spending time in the kitchen together is a great way to bond – and what’s more festive than whipping up some tasty treats for everyone to enjoy? Here are some easy tips to help you and the family get together and cook handmade goodies that’ll sweeten even the worst of the winter weather.

How to work from home without a home office

Would you ever have imagined that you'd miss your cubicle, with the super bright overhead lights and the community fridge? And that you’d even miss the guy who took your lunch from the community fridge? Welcome to the new normal. While we may not be able to help out with how to manage a zoom meeting when a diaper needs changing, we can offer up some ideas for making a space at home to get things done with a little more focus.

An adventurous birthday indoors

It’s your child’s big day! Go on an exciting trip – even if you’re staying at home. Set scenes for different parts of the day, and turn the birthday party into a playful journey full of adventure.

Turn your bed into a lazy family hang-out

The end of the year is a hectic time for many. Break the pattern by treating yourself to a relaxing, no-stress day in bed for the entire family.

Simple ideas that make your bathroom grow

Bathroom storage needs to take care of everything from toothpaste to jewellery, dirty socks, and bathtub toys. Add intense morning traffic and wet towels to that, and chaos is around the corner. Or maybe not...? Boost your bathroom’s functionality (and style) with these simple, affordable ideas.

Three quick and easy kids games

Whether it’s a birthday party or just an ordinary afternoon, summer days are ideal for kids activities and just as they are. Here are three kids party ideas with little need for planning and equipment. 

How to: level-up your hallway

It’s not where we spend a lot of time, but as the first and last view we have of our home each day, it’s worth giving the hallway a little bit of love. For hallways big and little, we have ideas of all sizes (at the lowest of prices) to get things straightened up in a snap. Bags, jackets, shoes, and vacuum cleaners: we’re coming for you!