Quick tips for a perfect holiday bash

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone. We want to make a big impact, but don’t necessarily have the time to spend all weekend preparing to cook for guests. The trick to making a splash? It’s all in the presentation. Here’s how we do it.

IKEA 365+ wine glass
1. GO FESTIVE with a simple touch of red. We created a candy cane effect with a simple ribbon. It looks especially pretty on a clear glass filled with something bright (like this granita).

2. LOOKING FOR A SUPER EASY APPETIZER? Might we suggest our very own vegetable balls? Ok, so maybe we’re biased, but we think they’re pretty perfect for a party (especially when you add a little flair, like these mini pennants).

IKEA 365+ glass
3. SHOULDN’T EVERYTHING FEEL LIKE A GIFT during the holidays? Sliders are the perfect size for party food, and we love how they look presented in a small 365+ glass.

4. HOLIDAY PARTIES ARE ALL ABOUT MINGLING. That’s kind of hard to do when you’re dealing with a sit-down dinner. For maximum socializing, make sure your food is easy to carry around the party. Try serving soup in a mug so your guests can move around freely.

DRÖMMAR baking cup

5. SEND A MESSAGE TO YOUR GUESTS. Just freeze some yogurt in mini muffin cups and decorate them to spell it out.

SNUDDA lazy Susan
6. DESSERTS ARE THE CENTERPIECE OF THE HOLIDAYS. So why not get a little creative? A fondant icing is a perfect canvas for your latest artwork (paint it on with a mixture of food coloring and sugar paste).

IDEALISK tea infuser

7. SEND THEM HOME WITH A SWEET TREAT to enjoy the next day with a cup of tea. We like to place a chocolate truffle inside a tea infuser and add a personal touch with a handwritten name tag.