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Our products

You can find available products for sale, their features, their prices and the available stock online at our website www.ΙΚΕΑ.gr accessible to everyone. You can see more information for each product by clicking on the product thumbnail.

You can find on our website all the available IKEA products for sale from our store and our online store. Most of the products you view at our website are available for online purchase. Some products though are available only at the IKEA stores.

The products you purchase online are indicated with the blue button “Add to cart" .
Products with the grey indication “Add to wish list, are available only at IKEA stores.

Online product prices are the same at the store. The prices below every product include the legal VAT.

Search – Browse website

You can view the products you wish to purchase in many ways. One way is through the website, choose the room you wish to furnish, for example “living room”. When you enter the main page of each room, besides the available products, you will see complete solutions for your space. You also have the choice to see all products per subcategories for example bookcases.          
Another way to browse products is by clicking “All departments” and choose the department you are interested in. Also you can click “Products” and find the product you are looking for from a list with various product categories.
If you have the product name or its code, you can easily look for it in the search engine at the upper side of the page. You will be straight directed to the product’s page you are interested in where you can read its information, making sure it is exactly what you are looking for. 
Before you add the product to your shopping card, make sure it is the one you actually want.

My shopping cart

While you make online purchases you can add the products you wish in your shopping cart.
Just click the blue button “Add to shopping cart”  , and the product is added automatically to the cart using the product code. You can check anytime what is in your shopping bag by choosing “Shopping Bag” on the right side of your screen.

Order process (steps)

Order in 3 steps.

At step 1 enter “my shopping cart” form, you will be asked your postal code, your purchase destination address and also the preferable shipping way, in order for the “transfer company” or “Courier” to calculate the exact fee. At this point you essentially choose the delivery destination, choosing between “home” or the service partners “agency” (if possible). When the shipping fee is calculated we can click the button  taking us to step 2.

At step 2 you will be asked to login, subscribe if you are not a member or, log in if you are already subscribed. You can also make purchases without subscribing as a simple visitor by completing all the necessary features for your order.
If you log in as a member or make a new subscription, you will be asked to enter the member code for the IKEA FAMILY program so we can give you all the privileges of the card membership and automatically subscribe to the website. If you are not an IKEA FAMILY member you can become at this step by following the instructions.

At step 3 you will be asked all the details regarding the billing: a) If you want a receipt or an invoice b) All the details regarding the invoicing, features and address and also your details and the delivery address. Also the details of the delivery address in case it is different from the billing address.

Choose Ways of Payment. You can choose to pay via 1) COD (cash only) (for certain regions of Greece and for orders up to €500) 2) Credit card 3) Bank account deposit (available accounts appear after clicking) 4) PayPal.

Depending on the means of payment the form will be loaded.

To complete your order, you will be asked to agree to the policy terms which we suggest you read before you complete your order . You can check your order before you complete it.

During your order process and if you are already subscribed to our website you can visit the “My orders” section at stay informed on your order’s progress. The process stages are the following:

“Order entry”: Your order has been received in our storehouse and the products are being collected

“Order shipment”: The products are collected and are shipped to your space.

“Order delivery”: Your order has been delivered to your place or the agency of your choice.

In case there is any issue with your order you will be send an email or we will contact you at the numbers you gave us when you subscribed or when you entered your order at our website.

In case you don’t receive a confirmation email or a notification in your cell phone, it is your obligation to inform us without delay, because there could be a possible problem with the contact information you gave us, making communication impossible.

Wish list

Use the wish list to add products you wish to buy in the future. You can keep it for future online use or print it and take it with you at the store of your preference. It will facilitate your purchases, so you don’t forget something you want to buy and you can also organize your budget.

Pax Wardrobe Planner

Thanks to our handy designing programs you can design solutions based on the exact size measurements of your space. Experiment with different design combinations, measurements, colours until you are fully satisfied.

PAX planner wardrobes mean you can create a wardrobe with sliding or hinged doors that match your style. PAX system allows you to combine single solutions depending on the size you want. It is the most affordable and easy way to create your own built in wardrobe. You can print the image and the products of your combination and purchase them online or visit your nearest IKEA store.

IKEA Planning programs

Systems, special collections and ready made combinations

Some furniture collections give you the opportunity to make different combinations that match your taste. A wardrobe bedroom or living room combination can be complicated. You can ask our staff for extra help.

Contact us

Don’t hesitate to contact us at 801 1122722 (calls from landlines with charges according to the pricing policy of your phone company) and at 210 35 43 403 (for international calls or calls from mobile phones with charges according to the pricing policy of your phone company).

You can also contact us via email at  We are happy to help!