Planning Tools

You can be a decorator yourself with the IKEA Designing Tools.
Place the furniture of your choice in the virtual room and match the exact dimensions of your space. Try different styles until you find the one you want. View it at 3D and print it with all its dimensions exactly the way an architect would do. See the overall cost of the room and take the product list.

When you feel satisfied with your design, save it at the IKEA network so you can take it from the store. Afterwards you will receive designing advices before you buy your products and bring the room you designed to life.

*Please note that IKEA does not allow usb, cd or other storage devices for safety reasons. 

If you need more than one designer to adjust a room you have to download each one separately. This way you create an IKEA home designer with the furniture of your choice.

The English version of IKEA Planning tools are currently not available, you can see the Greek version of IKEA Planning tools here.