IKEA Thessalia


Store Information

8th km Old National Highway Larissa-Athens 41500 Nikaia, Larissa

T: 801 1122 722 or 210 3543403 (charges according to the pricing policy of your phone company)
F: 2410 568599

IKEA store layout
How can I visit IKEA?
Public Transportation

Bus line Ν15 --> IKEA bus stop

Free transportation

Check schedule here

How to visit IKEA by car

IKEA Thessalia welcomes you to its free parking. You will find selected parking spots for families and the disabled.

Opening hours

Valid for Sundays 24/01, 31/01, 25/04, 09/05, 18/07, 7/11, 12/12, 19/12

Free Transportation

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