IKEA Ioannina


Store Information

13th km National Highway Ioannina-Athens 45500 Ioannina

T: 801 1122 722 or 210 3543403 (charges according to the pricing policy of your phone company)
F: 2651 095599

IKEA store layout
How can I visit IKEA?

Free transportation

Check schedule here. Departures from Ioannina, Kastoria, Grevena, Lefkada/Vonitsa and Preveza/Louros/Filippiada.

How to visit IKEA by car

IKEA Ioannina welcomes you to its free parking. You will find selected parking spots for families and the disabled.

Opening hours

* Valid for Sundays 24/01, 31/01, 25/04, 09/05, 18/07, 7/11, 12/12, 19/12

Free Transportation