We use high-quality cotton produced using sustainable cultivation practices.

Cotton is a very important raw material for IKEA, as it is used in a wide range of products, from towels to sofas. However, large quantities of chemicals and water are applied to conventional cotton crops, thus increasing the cost of production and making the farmers' struggle for survival that much harder. So we decided to find a way to confront these challenges and made a commitment to contribute actively to improving the cotton industry.
As a result, we started working with the WWF in 2005, in view of supporting and encouraging sustainable cotton farming practices throughout the world. Today, thousands of farmers and their families are enjoying the fruits of their efforts.
In 2010, IKEA teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund and other leading public and private organizations, to create the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).
Also, since September 2015, we only use cotton produced by farms incorporating sustainable cultivation practices for IKEA products. This means that farmers use less water, fewer chemical fertilizers and pesticides, while seeing an increase in their profits; this alone is a great achievement. At the same time, however, it marks yet another challenge for us. To maintain this rate at 100% and find more ways of supporting cotton farmers all over the world, in incorporating an increasing number of sustainable cultivation practices.


We use only LED light-bulbs

Since September 2015, IKEA sells only LED light-bulbs. Why? Because LED technology uses 85% less energy and LED light-bulbs last 20 times longer than conventional incandescent bulbs!

A home with LED lighting is a sustainable home with infinite possibilities

LED lighting is a design revolution. But it is also an energy-saving revolution. Thus, if you replace all light-bulbs in your home with LED bulbs, you will be saving energy and money. 

What's more, a LED bulb lasts for up to 20 years, while a conventional incandescent bulb has a lifetime of just one year! If you change all the light-bulbs in your home, you will never again need that drawer you used for storing spare bulbs, and you can hide that stepladder you used for changing light-bulbs, for at least 2 decades!
At IKEA, we want to make opting for a more sustainable lifestyle at home, easier. And LED lighting does exactly that. All you have to do, is replace your conventional light-bulbs with LED bulbs. 

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At IKEA, we acknowledge that a significant quantity of water is consumed at our facilities, due to hygiene requirements and the large number of visitors and employees. This is why we monitor water consumption on a systematic basis, and apply special measures, practices and interventions in order to reduce consumption at our facilities.