SEKKEN, pair of sliding doors, 192.970.58

SEKKEN pair of sliding doors


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frosted glass

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Product Dimensions
Width: 150.0 cm
Height: 236.0 cm
Built-in depth: 8.0 cm
Thickness: 2.3 cm
Included products
Included products
SEKKEN 4 panels for sliding door frame (10442352)
Quantity: x2

PAX pair of sliding door frames w rail (40222419)
Quantity: x1
Pair of sliding door frames w rail:
Aluminium, Anodized 4 panels for sliding door frame:
Tempered glass, Glass enamel
Key Features
Key Features
When you want to show off your clothes and shoes inside – but only just a little. The frosted glass gives a subdued view of your things and creates a more spacious feeling compared to solid panels.
Good to Know
Good to Know
To be combined with 2 PAX wardrobe frames, width 75 cm. Handle with care! A damaged edge or scratched surface can cause the glass to suddenly crack and/or break. Avoid collisions from the side - this is where the glass is most vulnerable.
10 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.Sliding doors allow more room for furniture because they don’t take any space to open.
The frosted glass has a timeless appeal that is easy to combine with any style.You can create a soft light in your room by mounting lighting inside your PAX wardrobe and letting it shine through the frosted glass.
You can tailor the look by combining SEKKEN frosted glass panels with covered panels in other materials of your choice.The panels are interchangeable so you can update the look at a fraction of the cost compared to buying a new wardrobe.
The sliding doors do not require knobs or handles. This creates a timeless expression that is easy to combine with different styles.100% glass, so in the end of it's life it's easy for you to recycle this panel into a new product.