KNOXHULT, corner kitchen, 493.884.05

KNOXHULT corner kitchen


€ 352,99
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Frame colour:
182x183x220 cm

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Product Dimensions
Height wall cabinet: 220 cm
Height base cabinet: 91 cm
Depth: 61 cm
Width right: 183 cm
Width left: 182 cm
Included products
Included products
KNOXHULT base cabinet with doors and drawer (30326790)
Quantity: x1

KNOXHULT corner base cabinet, 100x91 cm (00486129)
Quantity: x1

KNOXHULT wall cabinet with doors (90326792)
Quantity: x1

LILLVIKEN water trap/strainer 1 bowl (10311539)
Quantity: x1

FYNDIG single-bowl inset sink (90202126)
Quantity: x1

LAGAN single-lever kitchen mixer tap (10085027)
Quantity: x1

KNOXHULT wall cabinet with door (10326791)
Quantity: x1
Kichen cabinet/ Door:
Particleboard, Melamine foil, ABS plastic, Polypropylene plastic Drawer front:
Particleboard, Melamine foil, Plastic edging, Polypropylene plastic Drawers:
Particleboard, Foil Back:
Fibreboard, Acrylic paint Work top:
Particleboard, High-pressure melamine laminate, High-pressure melamine laminate, Plastic edging, Foil Kichen cabinet/ Door/ Distance piece:
Particleboard, Melamine foil, Plastic edging, Plastic edging Back:
Fibreboard Worktop:
Particleboard, High-pressure melamine laminate, Paper, Plastic edging Kichen cabinet/ Door:
Particleboard, Melamine foil, Plastic edging Back:
Fibreboard, Acrylic paint Basematerial:
Stainless steel Foam:
Polyurethane plastic Body:
Brass, Zinc, Metallized Spout:
Brass, Metallized Tubes:
Polypropylene plastic Strainer/ Strainer basket:
Stainless steel Seals:
Synthetic rubber
Key Features
Key Features
Just right if you want a medium-size corner kitchen with a freestanding hob and spacious storage. As fast and easy to buy as to start using, since we’ve combined the modules into a ready-made solution.
Good to Know
Good to Know
Included: Sink, sink strainer with stopper, mixer tap, cabinets, drawers, doors, worktop, legs, plinths, shelves, hinges and fittings. Complete with appliances, knobs and handles. This combination is meant for a freestanding hob and wall-mounted extractor hood. May be completed with drawer mats and shelf protectors to prevent scratches on surfaces caused by heavy pots and pans. To keep the laminate worktops as new, do not use knives directly on the surface; always use a chopping board. Avoid pulling objects with rough edges over the surface as it may cause scratches.
IKEA of Sweden/Mikael Warnhammar
People & Planet
People & Planet
Single-bowl inset sink: The material in this product may be recyclable. Please check the recycling rules in your community and if recycling facilities exist in your area. Single-lever kitchen mixer tap: Water is precious and should not be wasted. That’s why all our taps and showers have a mechanism that helps save water and energy while keeping the water pressure just right. Good for us and our planet. By creating all our taps and showers in a way that helps people use less water and energy, we contribute to enabling a more sustainable life at home.
Only to be used with freestanding cooker, glass ceramic hob or gas hob.You can quickly choose a ready-made combination that fits your needs and space, or easily create your own solution by combining KNOXHULT modules on your own.
A good value-for-money kitchen solution if you want a medium-size, corner kitchen with a freestanding hob.You can store everything from cutlery and tableware to pans since this combination has both drawers and cabinets.
The wall space is used efficiently with extra storage space in the cabinet above the extractor hood.The smooth-running drawer with drawer stop provides a good overview of the contents and makes things easily accessible.
Add organisers, lighting and wall accessories to make your kitchen more functional and to enable an efficient workflow.Scratch-resistant and easy to clean melamine surface on the frames and fronts.
Moisture-, heat- and scratch-resistant laminate worktop. Easy to clean.It is easy to mount the doors in the right position, because the hinges are adjustable in height, depth and width.
The doors can be mounted to open left or right.The cabinet stands steady on uneven floors because the feet are adjustable.
Style Group
Style Group
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