New  Make your purchases via Click Away

Now you can place your order

from home and pick it up
from the Store or Pick Up and Order Point of your choice.

 Steps to follow for your purchases via Click Away:  

1. Place your order at ΙΚΕΑ.gr

2. While in your basket select a store and during check out select the date and time you want to pick up your order.

3. Complete your order by choosing a way of payment (debit, credit card, PayPal or IKEA Gift card).

4. After you have completed your order you will receive a confirmation email.

5. On the due day you will receive a reminder sms.
Send a sms to 13033, writing number 2 for your commute to the store.

 For everyone’s safety 

One (1) person for the pick-up.

While waiting only 9 people are allowed to queue, while keeping a 2 meter distance.

Maximum stay time at pick up point: Ten (10) minutes.

 Important notice  

The service is available only at IKEA stores and IKEA Pick Up and Order Points  (not available at IKEA Komotini Pick Up and Order Point).
The delivery and assembly services are not valid for pick-up orders.
The e-shop exchange policy applies.Here.
It is not possible to change the delivery method from delivery at home to pick-up from store (Click Away) or vice versa.

Click Away – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure in order to make an order through the e-shop?

The procedure is exactly the same as the one followed for purchases through our e-shop! The only difference is that when placing your order you choose while in your basket the Store or Pick Up and Order Point you wish to pick up your order from and during check out you choose the date and time you wish to pick up the order.

Can orders be made via telephone?

We do not accept orders via telephone. Should you need any assistance in making your purchases via our e-shop, contact us and we will assist you.

How can I check if a product is available?

You can place an order for all the products that are available in our e-shop.

What ways of payment do you offer?

Your order is paid off only online and can be made using a Credit or Debit card, PayPal or an IKEA Gift card. When you pick up your order you will also get the receipt of payment.

When will I pick up my order?

The date and time you selected.We will notify you via email regarding the date and time of pick up and we will also send you a reminder sms on the due day of pick up.

What do I need to do in order to receive my order?

You have to send a sms, texting number 2 at 13033 or have with you a properly filled out print form for your commute.
Have in your phone the reminder sms we sent you.
Have your ID or passport with you.

Where do I pick up my order from?

You can pick your order up from the store or Pick Up and Order Point you selected.
When you get to the store there will be visible signage to lead you to the appropriate location.
We remind you that the pick- up can be done by one person only.

In which stores is click away available?

It is available at all IKEA Stores and IKEA Pick and Order Points- it is not valid for the IKEA Komotini Pick Up and Order Point.

Can I return/exchange my purchases made via Click Away?

For purchases made via Click Away, the e-shop Exchange Policy applies. See here.

Can I request for Delivery service if the purchases I made cannot fit in my car?

The Delivery service is not available via Click Away.

Can I request for Assembly service?

For Assembly service contact our call center.

Can I change the delivery method for an order I have already placed and pick it up myself?

It is not possible to change the delivery method, from delivery at home to pick-up from a store (Click Away) or vice versa. In the event of the cancellation of an order and the placement of a new order, the availability of products will have to be checked anew.